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Free 11 health apps for android phones

Health is one very important thing and it's expensive for those of us who have busy schedules with work and no time to exercise. Perhaps one of the most important things to check any of our health such as blood sugar , heart and so on.

We'll talk about android , open source this one apart is a wide variety of types , brands and prices varied also equipped with an application that is very important for us , in addition to essential to everyday life is also important to help a variety of our work .

Not much to say anymore I just go ahead and give you a review of important applications for health in android which can be downloaded for free but some are paid .

Free 11 Android apps for health :

1 . S Health samsung apps , tools or applications for android samsung galaxy s4 health this function to check whether you are healthy before but this tool should be connected to other medical devices which connect to the android with usb.

2 . Daily Yoga (All in one), health apps for android this one is to provide yoga exercises at home quickly and in this application you can follow the movements of yoga are given as examples on the pictures and in texts .
daily yoga android apps
3 . Nike + Running , a health application that provides motivation to exercise, especially when we are jogging so when we ran and we open the application in the given direction on GPS to provide these routes around the road that must pass our place.
4 . Health - Daily Info , android application give information will be more understandable for us in which there are a variety of tips and info about health that we can follow such as , daily healthy tips.
health apps android phones

5 . Medicine + Drug Dictionary , health care application android are applications that we can know the various medicine and drug from that apps.

6 . iTriage Health , from the name already we can know that this android app is an application about health in providing information, help you about answer the questions about health, medicine, dosage and more.

7 . Ask a Doctor , android provide services to each user to consult with a doctor wherever you are and whenever you want does so because I have not tried to read and read just recently wrote :) . We can consult with our convenient home or anywhere for free .

8 . Healthy Recipes , provide information about healthy recipes you can get every recipes and help us to health.

9 . First Aid kits , medical applications for android this is the English-language application that serves to give first aid when you crash before you are given other treatments .

10 . Calorie Counter , other English-language applications that we can download and use for free that gives info about the calories contained in fruits , vegetables and other foods . Can be used without Internet or offline .

11 . Virtual Gym Fitness Home & Gym , if you are at home and want to exercise or sports fitness can now be done easily with this android app , comes with 3d drawing practice tips in fitness & gym.

With a lot of android applications for health available in play store and can be installed free of the health of our control and we can update to keep you healthy and better life.

Health care is expensive but sick its price will be more expensive costs, so what would we choose? but as for the sound of some perception that health is cheap but it will be costly if the sick is the price paid by us, which is it? I think both of them really depends on us how to maintain health is like.

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