Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Android x86 jellybean 4.2 and grub sample

Now available Android x86 4.2 jelly bean test for you who like the android x86, android x86  is android version for pc or laptop computer, can be directly installed to the hard disk or installed into the emulator such as Virtual Box or any others. The previoust post I have posted how to install android x86 android version 4.0 RC2 or ICS (ice cream sandwicth) dual boot with Windows XP and can be installed to others windows like windows 7 and windows 8 and ubuntu too.

Here I am just informing about android x86 jelly bean 4.2 that has been released, but it has actually been a long time ago this version released, for installation can be seen in the post how to install android on computer, and change grub. To install grub android can be seen also in the link above, and the grub which should entries to grub.cfg. Android iso that I use is android-x86-4.2-20130228.iso.
android x86 4.2 jelly bean

For that installs jelly bean android x86 grub manually This is the setting for android x86 4.2 jelly bean grub :

### Android Grub#

menuentry "android-4.2-test" {
set root='(hd0,x)'
linux /android-4.2-test/kernel quiet root=/dev/ram0 androidboot.hardware=android_x86 SRC=/android-4.2-test video=-16
initrd /android-4.2-test/initrd.img

menuentry "android-4.2-test (Debug mode)" {
set root='(hd0,x)'
linux /android-4.2-test/kernel quiet root=/dev/ram0 androidboot.hardware=android_x86 DEBUG=1 SRC=/android-4.2-test video=-16
initrd /android-4.2-test/initrd.img

### End #

As usual the red texts must be change with android installation partition on a PC or laptop computer. To determine which partition is installed in the partition will be known at the time of the first time or install android can see more details on how to install android link above see on your computer or pc section before final posting.

The grub setting for android x86 jellybean 4.3 almost same the different only name folder you can see the android x86 4.3 jellybean grub setting manually on that link.
There are some changes to the android x86 4.2 jelly bean test this one is that there is no translator ARM, which means that the android 4.2 x86 is not going to much to run apk in goolge play app store.
android x86 4.2 setting

Here are some of the issues that occur in android x86 4.2 jelly bean are:

1. Android will sometimes freeze or lag.
2. Android is not equipped with ARM translator. ARM translator as I mentioned above that with this android without ARM translator then some android apk apps will not work properly or even unworkable.
3. Can not suspend or resume application so its better to disable screen lock to not activated.
4. Bluetooth will not work.

How do you think to try after finding out some of the issues that might occur on android x86 4.2.2 version, different with android x86 4.0 RC2 is still equipped ARM translator, so nearly all applications apk in google android play store can be run.

To download please visit the following web code @ google or Android x86 and the latest version of android x86 jellybean 4.3 has been released here the link.

Monday, July 29, 2013

How to install line for pc windows 8 and windows 7

How to install line on your PC / laptop / notebook or computer in windows would be very easy to do so if we need a larger view we can use the line on the PC. What is required to install line at PC simply just connected your laptop to the Internet :), and one we must already have a LINE account already registration in line smart phones like android or BB.

Just as WeChat that we can use on the computer and online applications now that we can use on a computer or laptop with various windows operating systems like windows xp, windows 7 and windows 8, even MAC OS and here I will be giving out a little info or a way to install line application on windows 8.

But I will try to give some tips to install Line in the other windows are concise and hopefully clear, can be seen in the step after I give steps line on PC install on windows 8.

We can also use android emulators like BlueStacks and android sdk to install LINE on the computer with android emulator.

How to Install a PC application line in windows 8 OS:

1. We should already have an account LINE on smart phones like Android or BB LINE by clicking Settings and then Email registration. Can borrow smart phone friends to registration LINE :).

2. Open a browser and go to the site can click on the following link line

3. Then see to the left of the existing posts there and click the link "Available on PC".
install line di pc windows 8

4. It will be taken down automatically, no need to actually click on the link also does nothing to directly click on the link or the Download button :).
install line on widnows 8

5. Once we click the button it will show the windows 8  that Microsoft app store, and then click the View link in store windows and click and click TWINUI well as in the image below.
line microsoft apps store

6. Line in Microsoft apps store will look and directly click the install button or link, but if we do not have an account at Microsoft before we click the install button we must first have an account with Microsoft so when clicking the install button and are required to sign in or sign in first then enter accounts that are registered with the account, then the install will soon take place.

7. Wait a few moments for the line and after the installation is complete we can directly use it by entering your email address and password that has been registered in smart phone.
Line login on windows 8

How to install LINE In the PC in Windows 7 and a brief example:

1. Just like LINE in windows 8 we should already have email already registered on LINE smart phone, as I said above we can borrow it first android smart phone or BB to a friend just to list :) LINE only.

2. Open line site and download LINE applications for Windows at this time was in the middle before the windows 8.

3. Once finished we downloading to a PC then the next we install, same as the other apps double-click software or application that has been downloaded and there will be a choice of languages ​​select English language course and then there is a window like below click the Next button.

4. Then click install and wait for it to finish.

5. Here's the first appearance for the content LINE Login with email and password are already on the register in LINE installed on smart phones like Android or BB or the like.
line apps login windows

If I look at the line android phone version Line has many features that can be used, such as the interesting pictures, so if you've run out of words you can use that picture.
Good luck

Monday, July 22, 2013

How to share android phone internet connection with pc via usb cable

This method is an easy and almost all android phone and android tablet can use this method, Internet sharing from android to PC or laptop could do with some very simple steps using only the applications contained in the google play store for free.

There is little difference from the android phone used as a modem with Internet sharing from android to PC, the difference is if the android phone used as a modem and then the phone cannot be use to open other applications, but by using this application i.e the EasyTether app android phone just simply sharing Internet via usb cable so android phone can still be used to open another application. Internet speed depends on the speed of Internet access or provider use and 3g phone.

As I mentioned earlier this app called EasyTether an apk or android application that serves to synchronize or share Internet from android phone to PC or laptop via USB cable, and if for the opposite of sharing Internet or internet connection from PC or laptop to android this application can not do it, there is a reverse tethering applications, these applications can now connect to the internet or internet sharing of computer, pc or laptop to android.

EasyTether can be used in windws xp, windows 7, windows 8, vista, Linux, Mac OS X, etc., and can be used with bluetooth for android tablet. There are two choice of EasyTether like the paid and the free for the free EasyTether the called is EasyTether lite.

Note : sometimes when open google sites and sites related to the google site is not connect, try using alternate search engines like yahoo and bing.

Steps android phone of Internet connection sharing to your pc or laptop android via usb cable follows below:

1. Install your android driver in Windows
2. Download EasyTether along with drivers for windows or Linux and mac here.
3. Download EasyTether lite app from android google play store or here
4. EasyTether installed on each device and activate EasyTether on android, but before activated your usb debugger must be switched on android go to Settings -> Developer options -> USB debugging.

android usb debuger
  • Activate Internet on hp or tablet android and activate EasyTether.
  • easytether internet android ke pc
  • Enable EasyTether on your PC or laptop.
  • windows easytether android internet
5. Once both are installed and running next steps connect the usb cable to your computer or PC or laptop and and if it has been read by android in windows then connect EasyTether in its windows by clicking the button on the task bar EasyTether windows like in the picture below.

The steps above are a way to share the Internet from android to a laptop using a USB cable, so not share Internet from laptop to android.

This is the way to use the computer / PC and also if the laptop there is no wireless wifi device, but if there is Wi-Fi on a laptop or PC i suggest to use Wi-Fi connection, because it will be easier and the Internet may run very well. Can see here on how to share internet from android to PC/laptop via Wi-Fi.
Good Luck !!!

Thursday, July 04, 2013

How to screen capture android with or without root on samsung galaxy

One of the things that is needed on android in android phone when there is a picture or something that is important and should be immortalized by capturing the image or commonly called is a screen capture on android.

And this is some screen capture application to perform in android phone and usually there are some paid applications and free applications are also required to capture android screen takes root and without root, here I will give you or recommend a screen capture application with android application and without application.

The easiest of course is with no apps and of course rooting access is not required. And unfortunately I can only capture android without root this way is only used for android samsung galaxy and others may be different ways to do it.

I previously did not know the way but with learning and googling I finally found this way very easily, to his knowledge that I take and I posted here I hope he's not upset that I forgot to blog that I read about how to capture screen in samsung android galaxy phone.

* How Screenshot without drawing android application and without root on samsung galaxy Y GT S5360.

1. Turn on your android phone :).
2. After your android phone on and navigate into the image or screen on the android phone to take pictures or to capture screenshot.
3. Image is ready to be shot, hold a button on the center and if the screen appear other option then press on the right button is back button once, to start capture click button on/of until the sound heard and images will be save in the screenshots folder on your sdcard.
Samsung galaxy young screnshot

4 To determine the results open the gallery and see the screenshots folder there are the results.

Android samsung gt S5360 we should be more careful or cautious to press the home button and the power button because if one of the screen capture does not work.

So for a little explanation is that first hit the home button which is located in the center bottom of the android phone and then press the power button simultaneously for a few seconds and press ahead approximately up to 2 or 3 seconds and release.

* How to capture screen shot or image in android with apps: 

There are some screen shots android apk apps free or paid which are in google play we can choose according to our choice and according to your needs and we download and install.

1. No Root Screenshot It, android screen capture application which is paid but its use does not need to root our android phone so it can be directly used.
2. Ultimate screenshots made by Ice Cold Apps. Screen capture apps for android that there are two options one could with root and does not require root.
screen shot ultimate

3. Screenshot by Kastor Soft,  we can save the results of capture to image JPG, BITMAP or PNG. And there are some other chosen to play like a photo automatically or  shake your Android to capture images.

4. Screenshot Free By Wise Shark Software, now this one I have not tried, and in description this apps no rooting is required

Change android font without root for flip font library samsung galaxy

Precisely few days ago I was coming of a friend who just bought an android phone samsung galaxy young s and he asked me to know how to change android phone font and his android phone from the use of another person and has done an update to android jellybean and the first issue He asked that the font is in the android there is only one option or its default font and the font look cool but almost unreadable because the font in its variations.

Font indeed many of kind and there are many forms and variations that exist but although the font nice and cool but if it is not readable and even confusing us so little hard to read and so confused to read it. And if you like with the fonts to make android look more cool.

One of them for font changer in android phone is Fontomizer SP and it is in dedicated font for galaxy but I do not know if this font can be used for other android phones but should be tried if you have a mobile phone than galaxy android and Motorola razor M and if the phone is there flip font library we can install it without root and can be use for samsung note samsung tablet.

Here's how to install a new font for android that can be directly downloaded from the of google play store.

1. Turn the phone and Internet is connected

2. If unknown sources is not in check in setting android phone then do with the click settings -> Security and check unknown sources.

3. Go to google play store  and fill the text into play store search box with name Fontomizer or open the link here. Or if you want to install it one by one font can be downloaded font here save the font into android and install apk.

4. Android apps installed like any other we just simply click the install button and wait a few moments until the download and install automatically completed.

5. To change the font setting just click setting -> find the display.
android setting display
6. Click the Display Screen.
Choice display android
7. Click the Font Style and there will be the choice of font to be used, and restart android to display the results.
8. Below is an example to select a font in samsung galaxy s android phone.
Choice android font samsung

Be careful to change the font on your android, because sometimes if we are wrong or there is a font that is not in accordance with the android used the android will bootloop, don't know the cause for sure, but I've seen the bootloop android phone because he had to change fonts used in the android phone.

The second problem of the android phone my friend there is no local language and to adding that just use more locale 2 in google play store setting in custom settings with your current language, but not all languages ​​can be translated into the current language.
And the second is to install custom language is a set of local and language apps, it is also almost the same can not all be translated.

Sample images to change the language in android that I use is change from English to Indonesian.

Indeed, of which I have any experience with the application of the language in android but only partially changed but it can help.

Perhaps in addition to changing the languages there are many other android app  we can try but this time I only providing an example app above.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

How to Dual boot Windows OS and android x86 on pc

This post may be a little too long but it doesn't matter even if it has been old tips.
This How to install android x86 on pc, laptop or notebook with a dual boot with windows operating systems like windows xp, windows 7 or windows 8.

It is not difficult to do that and need to understand a little of what is called the android x86. Android x86 is an android operating system which is used for the OS installed on your computer, laptop or notebook or virtual box so that android can be used on PC.

And I recommend to install android to install it separately on different partitions with windows operating system partition, so if windows installed on the first partition in the partition or drive C then Android installed on the second partition or drive D. In this tutorial i use android x86 RC2 tx2500 ISO you can use any android x86 like android x86 4.2 jellybean, and the latest one android x86 4.3 jellybean.

Here to make a partition from Drive C in windows 7:

1. Open windows explorer
2. Right-click Computer and select Manage posts that will be out a new window as shown below.
manage disk windows 7

3. Click the Disk management of Storage. To get started create a partition from an existing partition as the partition is to be created from Drive C partition, right-click the mouse and select Shrink volume.

shrink volume disk
4. In the third option the input numbers or the size of the partition to be created as a new partition that will be created is the 2GB of the literature in 2048 and then click shrink.
install android on windows xp

5. Later will come the new partition unallocated, then right mouse click on the partition and select New Simple volume, click next, next and there will be income for the partition name and rename the desired fit and the next again until the finish button to completion.

Note: Actually, the first way is not recommended because if the windows when install grub android is not detected windows boot that have been installed on the computer there will be no choice or option entered in boot but still can boot to be returned to windows by manual settings on grub or use windows repair. Windows detected by grub can be seen at No. 9 on the first step.

Method 1. How to install android on pc or computer, a laptop dual boot with windows OS with grub on android:

1. Download android x86 here choose as you wish.

2. Burn to CD burning software of your choice to use eg. nero, iso master etc.. Or burn through usb flash disk using unetbootin or isotousb.

3. Create an empty partition will be installed android on a new partition of at least 1GB/2gb. It is recommended to format partition to FAT32 or EXT3 so we can access android root, if you using EXT3 on windows EXT3 format will not be read so use the application Explore2fs or ext2fsd to open EXT3 partitions in windows.

4. Restart the computer and boot first to the CD or usb flash can be seen on the step 2 at No. 4.

5. The first boot will look like this. To start the install select the last part it is installation.
This picture is from my second blog at on Indonesian language.
install android on pc

6. Select the partition you want to use, be careful don't wrong installation on partition because if wrong might actually be installed on the existing windows partition, lucky if at the time of install android on partition in is not format so the windows are still there. In the picture below installed on sda2 which means that in windows can be is Drive D:, to several partitions in windows sometimes different readings on the Linux partition with can sometimes be sda2 is Drive C or Drive E:.

choose partition android on laptop

7. On the next menu will be seen menu options to format or not like in the picture below, but the suggested format to fat32 or ext3 partition, so we can be able access android root.

partition on android x86

8. Next will be asked to install grub, select yes to install grub on android x86. But there are differences in the method two could be seen under the second method. If windows booting not detected then booting into windows will disappear, when windows boots detected by android grub as seen at No. 9. Look on the method two using grub2win for different way to install grub.

install grub on android x86 on computer

9. Computers have been installed to the windows then the option of grub install windows will be detected as in the picture below and click yes.
windows booting on android grub detected

10. Android-x86 will soon begin to install and soon there will be another option to determine the capacity of the partition image for application, adjusted to the needs defaults to 512 MB and can be added to 2 gigabytes for example by typing 2048 click enter on keyboard then wait until the installation process is complete.

image android x86

android x86 iamge install

reboot android-x86 to finish installation

11. Option to dual boot android and windows grub from android-x86.

grub dual boot android x86 and windows

Method 2. Install android dual boot with windows OS Boot with grub2win:

1. Download live CD android x86 android according to the needs like froyo, 2.3 (Gingerbread), Android 4.0 ics (Ice cream sandwich), 4.2 (jellybean) here.

2. Burn Android x86 ISO to CD or USB flash drive, to burn it to cd can use nero or the other and to burn ISO to usb maker, unetbootin etc. ..

3. I'm here install android using usb flash disk, restart the computer and go into bios and select first boot to usb or by restarting the computer and click one of the following keys F7, F8, F9, F10, F11, or F12 according to the settings for the computer enter boot option to usb.

4. If you are booting to a live CD android x86 select the installation and follow the steps listed in android

5. For the partition choose is the newly created partition

6. Format to FAT32 or EXT3 for android can be access to root, if the partition with ntfs format then we cannot access android root .
dual boot windows and android

7. Don't install grub skip for this choice Because the grub will be installed in the windows later. If you want install grub from android grub just choose yes and yes for windows detected there but if windows not detected by grub you can add manually later.
how to install android on windows pc

8. Then select yes to read write partition so that the partition will not be locked.
android for windows

9. Select Yes to save the data.img on the hard drive, can be adjusted to a maximum size of 2GB.

10. Once completed reboot or restart the computer and log into Windows.
11. Download grub2 for windows here. Extract grub2 for windows on drive C. Go to the folder and install grub2 in the folder install once installed grub2 grub.cfg will be created in folder grub2 open grub.cfg with notepad and add the boot menu android.
I use android-x86-4.0-RC2-tx2500.iso so here the grub for android android-x86-4.0-RC2-tx2500.iso and installed on sda2 or Drive D on partition two. Here the example grub setting for android x86 iso tx2500 4.0-RC2 if you choose grub setting on windows later and place on the bottom of the note.

### Android ###
menuentry "Android-x86 4.0-RC2" {
set root='(hd0,2)'
linux /android-4.0-RC2/kernel quiet root=/dev/ram0 androidboot.hardware=tx2500 acpi_sleep=s3_bios,s3_mode SRC=/android-4.0-RC2 vga=788
initrd /android-4.0-RC2/initrd.img

menuentry "Android-x86 4.0-RC2 (Debug mode)" {
set root='(hd0,2)'
linux /android-4.0-RC2/kernel root=/dev/ram0 androidboot.hardware=tx2500 acpi_sleep=s3_bios,s3_mode DEBUG=1 SRC=/android-4.0-RC2 vga=788
initrd /android-4.0-RC2/initrd.img
### END Android###

Every android x86 grub downloaded it will be different according to the android x86 ISO download

Note: The red texts replace with your android partition during installation, or as if android is installed in the partition third or Drive E :/ then replace (hd0, 2) with (hd0, 3), and if the partitions are only primary no logical drive so drive E as hd0,3 and if the partition or drive E is logical drive then Drive E is (hd0, 5) sorry if make wrong, replace the name eeepc with current android name that installed, can be viewed at the downloaded android ISO. And one more thing you could change the VGA = 788 (800x600) with a resolution corresponding to a computer or laptop in question, eg vga = 791 (1024x768) to view all modes VGA = ask, DPI = 16 can be replaced with DPI = 120 or DPI = 160 and there is a possibility without DPI can enter so if something happens ... do not have to use DPI = XX.

14. Save a notepad and restart the computer, if grub2 successfully installed then there are boot options menu when the computer is on, select boot to grub 2 boot menu and select android to choose the android OS.
15. Good luck.
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