Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Failed to start or load libgl.so in ubuntu android sdk emulator

When I install android sdk emulator on a computer with the operating system ubuntu 12.04 and run and when i run android sdk emulator i have error message are failed to open or load libgl.so and shared , first I had thought that this was one of the low of the specifications of the computer that I use , but after I did a search on google and finally I got a solution that actually provide a solution .

I got this info from the learned stuf with title blog in the post is fixing ubuntu error : Failed to load libgl.so , that's the title of the post , and I would also like to thank you for having the blog :) .

I'm forget how to solve failed to load libgl.so on android sdk emulator in ubuntu is just to install libgl1 mesa , as shown below :
Open a terminal and run or install the following :
sudo apt-get install libgl1-mesa-dev

After i try and run the android sdk emulator in ubuntu , failed to load libgl.so hope is gone and is ready for use as well as the android sdk emulator that I use my computer at home.

Here the early solution from teh other with add the following command on terminal ubuntu than that by linking from another file like this :
ln - s / usr/lib/libGL.so.1 ~ / android-sdk-linux_x86/tools/lib/libGL.so 
After I try into it in The first load load successful but after I restart the computer and then run back android sdk emulator still error message again appears failed to load libgl.so. And in the end I just give up and use with failed to load libgl.so and shared libgl.so on android emulator but seems to be a little slower and lag and I used to be uncomfortable .

Once again I said many thanks to Learned stuff  for giving the best solution for me :) . Why do I talk too much because i need writing around 300 words in the word count office :) . And finally had fewer than 300 words :) . Good luck

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