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Forgot my samsung phone pattern unlock code

Recently I helped my sister who has a problem with unlock pattern android phone samsung galaxy GT young, but all the android phone applications installed on the Android phone erased, because before I didn't know it turns out there are other step that can to open forgot unlock pattern.

My suggestion is that we are equipped with the android phone pattern or password to enter when the application phone menu then you should not get use by others who do not know the unlock pattern or password that we set, so if the number of times wrong and usually three times to unlock of the patterns will be entered into the log menu to enter user name using our email account and password.

But if the email or password is forgotten that we use as user and password on our android phone and will become confused, but we can indeed use the place of phone service but if the places is far from home and the money must be come out it would make us so lazy.

2 steps How to unlock pattern unlock a forgotten password:

The first step is probably going a bit difficult for those who have never used adb command but it will be better because of the settings and applications that have been installed will be safe.

1. By using ADB, this step from with this step then it seems that there are applications in android phone that has been installed are not deleted.

  • ADB is Android Debug Bridge, which means a bridge to connect the computer to android or android to android so we can install Android applications on the computer.
  • Download ADB application at and how to install adb to be seen in
  • After ADB can be used on the computer and then do as follows below:
        - Open CMD in windows and typing "adb devices" (without the quotes) (if the driver is installed, android phone will detected)

        - Typing "adb shell" (without the quotes)

        - In linux Typing "rm /data/system/gesture.key" (without the quotes)
forgot unlock pattern samsung phone
After it shut down and restart the android phone if successful it will be straight to the phone menu without unlock pattern.

2. By reset to its default settings or settings restored to its original settings, this step from but the data and apps is already installed will be deleted.
  • Turn off samsung android young phone.
  • Press the Volume UP + Home button + Power button simultaneously until the press came out and release the samsung logo to boot into recovery.
  • Then press the volume up (+) to shift and volume down (-) to start running the command press the home button or the power button.
  • Select the "wipe default factory reset"
  • Reboot or turn off and turn on the samsung android phone unlock pattern will disappear and go to the start menu.
samsung young unlock pattern

Of the two steps above its select one if possible but if the firts step not help choose the one step, forgot unlock pattern and password may be done well and can be re-used android phone.
If any of the above tips can not use the second step, But for the second step as I've said above you have to give up all the applications and settings that have been saved will be lost, but of the android phone becomes unusable better steps to use it. Because every setting and all the applications that have been installed will be able to install and set us back.

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